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4 Things You Need to Know for Car Windshield Replacement

Experts from an Auto Glass Shop Share Some Helpful Information

Who does the job?

Probably the most important part of a windshield replacement is choosing an auto glass shop where you can get the job done right. Here’s what you need to consider when looking for such specialists:

  • experience: make sure that the company is working in the industry for more than two years;

  • glass brand: it’s very important to choose a service provider that uses only high-quality materials;

  • license and insurance: true experts have to be licensed and insured;

What type of glass should I choose?

The best approach when choosing glass for your new windshield is to ask the mechanic for one that has the same specifications as the original. In case you don’t do that, there could be some serious consequences, for both your car’s strength and passengers’ safety. Inferior glass products can have:

  • poor optics;

  • reduced acoustic properties;

  • poor surface control;

  • non-solar optimized properties;

Does my new auto glass meet the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS)?

These standards are implemented in order to ensure the windshield’s resistance to penetration and breakage. Choosing a windshield that meets those standards helps reduce injuries and the ejection of passengers during an accident. Make sure your auto glass service provider installs an FMVSS approved windshield on your car.

Will the windshield be installed using quality products?

The main product used in auto glass replacement is urethane. This is an adhesive that glues the windshield to the car’s body. There are many kinds of urethane adhesives, but not all of them are as good. Professionals that want to cut corners may use low class adhesive, which can compromise the safety of the vehicle. Ask your mechanics about the type of adhesives they use, and make sure you get the best.

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