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This Is How the Experts Do It


Auto Glass Repair Techniques Used by the Pros

Regardless of how minor they may look, cracks and chips on your car’s windshield are about to become a major concern if not addressed accordingly. The auto glass repair and replacement industry exists for a good reason. As a matter of fact, fixing auto glass defects might be more complicated that you think. This is how the pros do it:

  • Check your vehicle’s insurance. Before making a decision for repair or replacement, check its insurance and find out if it covers a full windshield replacement.

  • Assess the severity of the damage caused. No matter how small, chips and cracks can very seriously compromise your safety. A skilled technician will measure the length of the defect. If it is shorter than six inches, it can be successfully repaired. If it’s bigger, your windshield most likely will have to be replaced. Additionally, the professional will examine its depth and all damage caused. Using advanced special tools and protective gloves, a professional will gently tap on your car’s glass.

  • Your windshield will be prepared for a repair after it is washed and dried. Using a thin metal tool, called a bullseye tapper, an expert will tap the hole. In some cases, drilling a small hole into the crack might be necessary. With the help of an applicator full of quality resin, he will position it right on the defect. Afterwards, he will apply the resin along the crack. Moving the applicator carefully and slowly all over its length is of the utmost importance. After this job is done, the crack must be sealed. Chips and dents will be covered with a thicker layer of resin.

  • Cover the defects with curing strips. Then, the applicator will be removed and the glass will be left to cure for about 120 minutes. After that, a technician will scrape off all the excess resin and remove the curing tape. Wiping your glass is the final step that will ensure impeccable results.

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